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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on DBN - Results & Week 4 Reminder

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It's time to review the results of last week's Pick 6 Football game, brought to you by SB Nation. The concept of the game is simple: each week, you pick six players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, FLEX) using a $120 budget.

Congratulations to DBN member violentP for being at the top of our site's leaderboard in Week 3 with 107.3 points. That score was also good enough for 7th place out of all SB Nation members. I guess we should also give some props to Matt Wood for consistency; he finished first among DBN members in Week 1, and he came in second in Week 3. Listed below are the top five finishers from Dawgs By Nature in Week 3, and a breakdown of violentP's team.

Rank Player Score
1 violentP 107.3
2 Matt Wood
3 thatrza 92.9
4 Harpster
5 midnyte 85.8

I finished in 11th place in Week 3 on DBN, which is my highest finish to date. Below, you can see that violentP hit well on every one of his players. Bennett was a nice bargain at tight end, ans Hanson was a steal at kicker for that whacky game in Detroit.

violentP's Week 3 Team

Position Player Price Points
QB Robert Griffin III $26.50 25.3
RB Maurice Jones-Drew $48.75 25.3
WR Stevie Johnson $19.00 12.1
TE Martellus Bennett $1.75 13.3
K Jason Hanson $0.50 18.0
FLEX Michael Bush $23.25 13.3
Total: 107.3

Now that Week 3 is over, it's time to set your Week 4 lineups! Feel free to talk about last week's results or some of the strategies you are shooting for this week. Remember, the deadline for setting your Week 4 lineup is Thursday night, right before the start of Thursday Night Football.