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Rufio's Film Room - The Browns' Offense & Mitchell Schwartz

The innagural edition of Rufio's Film Room, where Rufio breaks down plays over video.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hello all, and welcome to my film room. I don't really have a particular focus or theme this week, but here are a few breakdowns.

The first is from the Bengals game, where we had to defend a "packaged" run/pass option play like the one Brandon Weeden completed earlier in the year:

The second, also from the Bengals game is a look at the technique of rookie RT Mitchell Schwartz:

The third, from the Bills game is a look at how defenses are responding to our WR runs from Travis Benjamin, as well as another look at Schwartz's rookie mistakes:

While it might seem like I am down on Schwartz here, my true feelings on him are quite the opposite. Schwartz is playing like a bull in a china shop right now; a little out of control, lacking technique, and lacking awareness as to how he fits into the larger ideas of what we are trying to do.

But despite all that, he has looked much better than anyone the Browns have had at RT since Kevin Schaffer in 2007/2008. As his technique continues to improve, Schwartz can become a very good lineman in this league. The problem right now--which is true for most of the team--is that he's young.