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How Should Browns Fans Feel?

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I am like every other Browns fan, I don't like Art Modell. Never will.

Remember the old cartoons? The ones with the Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on another? When I saw on twitter last night that Modell was in bad condition, I knew what Homer Simpson felt like.

On one shoulder, I wanted to rip the guy and remember what I felt like when the NFL let him take our roster to Baltimore. But maybe it is because I have gotten older, or that I have watched some family members fall into poor health over the past year, but I also felt some compassion for him.

A man who no longer can return to a town that he at one time was loved in. A man that will forever be remembered for his greatest failure, instead of a career filled with accomplishments. Maybe he deserves that.

But I can't be happy that he died. I realize that there is a world full of Cleveland fans that won't agree, but I also realize that someone lost a father yesterday, and I don't take joy from that.

I am still completely against Modell ever making it into the Hall of Fame, always will be. A man that makes the decision he did, should have to pay some sort of price.

I hope that other Browns fans see this as a break from the past. I will no longer "hate" that Ravens for being the team that took our roster. I hate the Ravens because they are in our division. No longer do I harbor any ill-will towards the Modell family, it's time to bury that.

We are a getting a fresh start. We have a young team to be excited about. Let the past be the past.

Don't give Art the power anymore. Modell took a roster to Baltimore, the Browns never left Cleveland.