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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/1/13)

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Browns make wrong move by firing Heckert" (AFC North Blog) - "The Browns continued their housecleaning by firing general manager Tom Heckert along with coach Pat Shurmur, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. The reason to dismiss Shurmur was clear. He didn't win. Nine wins in 32 games isn't going to cut it, especially with an ownership change."
  • "A Banner day? Only if new Browns CEO Joe Banner is the real deal" (Chronicle-Telegram) - "For better or worse, the future of the Cleveland Browns now rests in the hands of CEO Joe Banner. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III made that abundantly clear Monday, when he announced the firings of coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert during a late-morning press conference."
  • "Haslam seems poised to make run at Alabama’s Saban" (Beacon Journal) - "Nick Saban wasn’t in the room, but his aura certainly was. Although Browns owner Jimmy Haslam wouldn’t discuss specific candidates to replace coach Pat Shurmur, fired Monday along with General Manager Tom Heckert, it seemed obvious that University of Alabama coach Saban is the man Haslam is targeting."
  • "Trent Richardson admits to playing with broken ribs" (Morning Journal) - "obody in a different colored jersey can jump on him or punch him in a pile anymore this year, so now Trent Richardson doesn’t have to hide the truth: He played most of his rookie season with two broken ribs on the left side of his body. He still can’t sleep on his back or left side."