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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/11/13)

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Cleveland Browns:

  • "Panthers OC Rob Chudzinski: More than a 'grinder'" (Charlotte Observer) - "Rob Chudzinski calls a better game than he talks. The Carolina Panthers’ offensive coordinator – a sought-after head-coaching candidate this past offseason after directing Carolina’s offensive resurgence – speaks in generalities when discussing what his innovative scheme might look like in year two with Cam Newton at the controls."
  • "Rob Chudzinski hire stunning and underwhelming for Cleveland Browns" (Plain Dealer) - "Rob Chudzinski, the new Browns head coach. So this is Joe Banner's new Andy Reid. Will Chudzinski be right for the Browns? Who knows? He's never been a head coach before. Of course, the same was said of Reid when he was picked by Banner in 1999 to coach the Philadelphia Eagles."
  • "Former Browns QB Kosar finds help for concussions" (Canton Rep) - "Bernie Kosar spent more than 10 years in persistent pain, the effects of more than a dozen documented concussions he sustained in 13 years as an NFL quarterback. There are hits he remembers. There were others, so many others with the Browns, he shook off with smelling salts tucked into the front of his pants on game day."
  • "Sheard emerges as leader on D-Line" ( - "In only his second year, Cleveland Browns defensive end Jabaal Sheard found himself in the role of leader with veteran defensive ends Frostee Ruckerand Juqua Parker working next to rookie tackles Billy Winn, John Hughes, and Ishmaa’ily Kitchen."


  • "Message delivered loud and clear to Tim Tebow: QB's game is not suited for the NFL" (Yahoo! Sports) - "It may not seem logical, but newly hired Jacksonville Jaguars general manager David Caldwell just did more to help Tim Tebow's career than anyone Tebow has been around in his three NFL seasons. Caldwell, in a few simple words, was completely forthright about Tebow's lack of quarterbacking skill."
  • "Researchers: NFL's Seau had brain disease" (AP) - "When he ended his life last year by shooting himself in the chest, Junior Seau had a degenerative brain disease often linked with repeated blows to the head."
  • "Carryover rules impact cap strategy" (ESPN) - "On the eve of the regular-season finale, teams couldn't afford to think exclusively about the game. They had to think about next season. Under the rules of the new collective bargaining agreement, teams had to designate how much money they wanted to carry over to the 2013 salary cap. The carryover provisions are new and important."
  • "Steelers cut RB Rainey after arrest in Florida" (AP) - "Rookie running back Chris Rainey has run out of chances with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers cut the troubled 24-year-old following his arrest on a battery charge in Gainesville, Fla., on Thursday, the latest in a series of off-the-field incidents that have threatened his career."