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Who is the Most Dominant Browns Player?

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Who is the most dominant player both on the field and in EA Sports Madden 13?

It's a little bit of a weird question this week for Gillette, but we'll roll with it. When it comes to the Cleveland Browns, you can look no further than left tackle Joe Thomas. He's the best left tackle in the game, and although I haven't played this year's Madden, I would imagine he's the highest-rated tackle.

Unfortunately, you really can't control a guy like Thomas in Madden. If you played with the Browns in Madden this year, though, tell us which player seemed like the "beast" of the team for you. Was it an easy choice like Trent Richardson, or an unsung hero such as Jordan Cameron?

After that, tell us who the Browns' most dominant player is besides Thomas (we have to be fair to the rest of the team!) and why.