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NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos, Divisional Round (Open Thread)

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The NFL Divisional round of the playoffs kicks off today with my favorite remaining team (because of Peyton Manning), the Denver Broncos, taking on the team I despise the most, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were taken to school by the Broncos toward the end of the regular season, and I don't see a reason why that should change this week.

Ray Lewis already had his swan song at home last week. The issue is that whatever worked against a rookie quarterback in Andrew Luck last week won't work against Manning this week. The Broncos are the far superior team on offense and defense; I'll say it is a push on special teams. Special teams won't be enough for Baltimore to pull it off, and Denver will coast into the AFC Conference Championship. Broncos 34, Ravens 17


Game: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos
Date/Time: Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. EST
Location: Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, CO
Television: CBS - Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf
NFL Odds: Broncos by 9.5