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Are the Cleveland Browns Trying to Keep Special Teams Coach Chris Tabor?


With the reports that Brad Childress and Dick Jauron will likely be replaced as the Cleveland Browns' offensive and defensive coordinators, could they be looking to retain special teams coordinator Chris Tabor? According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Browns aren't allowing Tabor to interview with other teams:

When Pat Shurmur was hired in 2011, the Browns decided to let special teams coach Brad Seely go to the 49ers, despite the fact that he was still under contract. The belief was that he wouldn't stay with the team after the final year of his contract, so Cleveland sought a young, up-and-coming special teams coach.

Even though the results on the field have not been as good as they were under Seely, Tabor was regarding as a hot commodity at the time he was hired. When you consider that fact, Rob Chudzinski might feel that Cleveland already has the special teams coach they want to move forward with. When Shurmur was fired on December 31, Jimmy Haslam said that the assistants would be allowed to look for other jobs, but would have to "follow the permission process."

(On if it’s a possibility that the current assistants could stay on with the new head coach)- “Absolutely. That will be the decision of the new head coach though. It’s his call absolutely and we made that clear to the assistants. ‘Listen, you’re free to go out and look for other jobs. Follow the permission process. When we have a new head coach in place, if you want to, you’ll have the opportunity to interview with him.’”

We'll see if anything progresses over the next couple of days regarding Tabor's future.