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Report: Browns Looking to Bring Derek Anderson Back

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Free agency does not start until March 12, 2013, and it isn't often that you hear about players getting ready to join another team while the playoffs are still going on in January. According to Mike Cairns of WEWS, though, it sounds like that's exactly what might be happening with former Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson.

Anderson definitely did not leave Cleveland on the best of terms, as he said, "The fans are ruthless and don’t deserve a winner" after he was let go in 2009. Here is what Cairns is reporting regarding a possible return to the Browns for Anderson:

Sources have told NewsChannel 5 Sports that the Browns are looking into bringing back former Browns quarterback Derek Anderson. Anderson posted on his Facebook page Friday night: "Looks like it is time to make a return to a familiar place for some unfinished business. ... I would be honored to return to Cleveland to play football if the fans would have me."

Cairns goes on to say that, "Anderson, through a source, has said he puts his chances of coming back to Cleveland at about 80 percent right now" and that he still has a house in Cleveland.

Don't bank on Anderson-to-Cleveland 100 percent, though. John Telich, another sports reporter, is hearing about another quarterback:

When do the JaMarcus Russell rumors begin? I'll leave it to Matt Wood to start that one.