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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/16/13)

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Rob Carr


Cleveland Browns:

  • "To-do list for new Browns coach Rob Chudzinski" (Chronicle-Telegram) - "Rob Chudzinski’s new gig isn’t like normal jobs. He didn’t have to give two weeks notice to the Carolina Panthers. He doesn’t get a week off to clear his mind, buy a new wardrobe or take a vacation."
  • "Derek Anderson to Cleveland? Not so fast..." (FS Ohio) - "The headline in a Cleveland-area newspaper that read 'Derek Anderson says he's returning to Cleveland' is both premature and misleading. It's grown legs, too, as inaccurate word of Anderson's return -- and inaccurate re-posting of his words -- has spread from Twitter account to Twitter account, from media outlet to media outlet, not just the one that published the article."
  • "Who led AFC North in dropped passes?" (AFC North Blog) - "Who dropped the ball the most in the AFC North? In terms of passes, it was the Cleveland Browns for the second season in a row. The Browns dropped 27 passes in 2012, according to ESPN Stats & Information. But the Browns were the only team in the division whose drops decreased from the previous season."
  • "Browns announce stadium to be named FirstEnergy Stadium" (Plain Dealer) - "Jimmy Haslam, owner of the Cleveland Browns and Anthony Alexander, president and CEO of FirstEnergy Corp., held a press conference at Cleveland Browns Stadium to announce that the home of the Browns will be renamed FirstEnergy Stadium." - VIDEO


  • "Chargers hire Mike McCoy" (ESPN) - "Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy accepted an offer Tuesday to become the San Diego Chargers' new coach."
  • "Victor Cruz prepares for restricted free agency" (PFT) - "With the new labor deal utilizing mandatory four-year contracts for all drafted players, restricted free agency will become relevant in the future only when an undrafted player (or when a player cut from his rookie contract) finishes his three season in the league and has no contract."
  • "Once left for dead, Ravens a threat again thanks to bold Caldwell move" ( - "Everyone understood it was a bold and risky move to make at such a vital position so late in the season. But that Harbaugh guy clearly knew what he was doing, because it has quickly elevated his team's offensive production to new heights and brought a Super Bowl berth within grasp."
  • "Bradley has second interview with Eagles" (AP) - "They're all aboard the Gus Bus in Philly. Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley arrived in Philadelphia on Tuesday for his second interview with the Eagles, suggesting the nearly three-week search to replace Andy Reid could be nearing an end."