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Browns Special Teams Coach Chris Tabor Reportedly Signs Two-Year Extension

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A few days ago, it was announced that the Cleveland Browns were retaining special teams coordinator Chris Tabor on their staff. According to Mike Garafolo of the USA Today, the Browns not only kept him, but signed him to a two-year extension:

Tabor originally joined the Browns in 2011 during Pat Shurmur's first season. Based on Garafolo saying that the extension will go through 2015, it means that Tabor originally signed a three-year deal. Rob Chudzinski was obviously impressed with him enough to the point where he wanted to ensure Tabor didn't end up going elsewhere in 2014 as a free agent coach. Several other teams tried to interview Tabor this offseason, but were denied requests.

It's hard to tell whether Tabor staying with the Browns would means anything for the likes of Joshua Cribbs and Phil Dawson, both of whom are headed to the Pro Bowl. If Tabor makes a big push for Dawson, knowing that he wants to use him for at least three more years, maybe Cleveland can get a deal done with him.