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Site Changes: Give Us Feedback on DBN's Adjusted Layout

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Today, we are announcing some site changes to SB Nation / Dawgs By Nature.

First, Matt Wood has been fired for his continuous rants on Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner. I kid, I kid. Did I get anyone's heart to skip a beat there?

If you recall, for several days last week, a post was featured near the top of DBN that discussed changes that were forthcoming to help highlight FanPosts more and, in essence, restructure the layout of the site's home page. You can read about all of the changes here.

My favorite thing about this change is that FanPosts can now be featured in the cover. We have had some outstanding articles written by our members in the past, especially when the offseason hits. If I see an article written by a member that had some time put it in to it, I'll be sure to feature it now.

Let us know what you think about the changes. I still have access to the larger versions of the covers, which I plan on using regularly when there is a lot of news. When the news dies down a bit, though, shortening the cover makes it easier for you to scroll down the page of DBN.