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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/22/13)

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Patrick Smith


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Is it time to change our minds about Art Modell and the Hall of Fame?" (ESPN Cleveland) - "On to New Orleans: When Art Modell passed away at the age of 87 in the early hours of Sept. 5, the Baltimore Ravens dedicated the 2012 season to their former owner."
  • "Ravens owe it all to Ohio" (Canton Rep) - "What a tremendous time for Ohio. The Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl! The little connections to Ohio are delicious. We Ohioans even have some of our own quaint stories few others know about."
  • "No decision on Browns' defensive scheme" (AFC North Blog) - "The biggest reservation I had with the hiring of Ray Horton as the Cleveland Browns' defensive coordinator was his scheme. He learned the 3-4 defense during his days in Pittsburgh and that's the style of defense he ran as the defensive coordinator in Arizona."
  • "About the Lombardi Hire" (OBR) - "Even though I was a bit surprised by the hiring of Rob Chudzinski as the Browns head coach, I completely understand it. He brings an offensive expertise to the Browns and has delivered two proven coordinators in Norv Turner and Ray Horton."