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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/23/13)

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CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland Browns:


  • "From hero to villain, Roger Goodell returns to New Orleans as Super Bowl's conflicted character" (Yahoo! Sports) - "In a few days the most hated man in New Orleans will arrive in town. As the NFL's commissioner, Roger Goodell serves as unofficial host for the league's championship week. He will attend meetings and banquets. A giant party will be thrown in his honor. A small fleet of cars will whisk him around the city. Usually a man in his role will be welcomed with warm applause. Except this time, New Orleans would rather he not come at all."
  • "Wilson not asking for new deal; more on Payton's reinstatement" ( - "Three items in the news, all non-Harbaugh related, today: • Russell Wilson says he hasn't asked for, and won't ask for, a new contract. Chris Mortensen reported that a representative of Wilson's reached out to the Seahawks and asked that his contract be modified in the way of his terrific rookie season, capped off by his 385-yard passing performance in a 30-28 playoff loss to Atlanta."
  • "Ed Reed: Brady apologized for slide" (PFT) - "Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has been banging the drum to get the NFL to discipline Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for a slide during the AFC Championship Game, a play that Brady has since apologized for making."
  • "Let's reminisce about Harbaugh youth" (ESPN) - "One brother was a star quarterback at the University of Michigan, then went on to start at quarterback in the NFL and make the Pro Bowl. The other brother quietly toiled as a defensive back at a mid-major, Miami University, then never taped his ankles for the NFL."