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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/24/13)

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Doug Pensinger


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Rob Chudzinski shows no fear in handing Browns’ play-calling to Norv Turner" (Beacon Journal) - "In his second week on the job, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski struck boldly. In the biggest decision of his young tenure, Chudzinski announced he is turning over the play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Norv Turner."
  • "Browns won't yet commit to QB" (AP) - "Norv Turner will call plays for the Browns' next season. It's not yet certain who will run them. First-year Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said Wednesday that 'it's premature' to name Brandon Weeden as Cleveland's starting quarterback in 2013."
  • "Browns Correct One Mistake But Another Looms" (ESPN Cleveland) - "Each new coach of the Cleveland Browns must bear the burden of those who came before them. For new head coach Rob Chudzinski, the question 'who will call the offensive plays?' may seem odd. For Browns fans coming off a Pat Shurmur and Brad Childress regime, this is important."
  • "Hope, Common Sense, and Tony Grossi" ( - "Real life, without fail, forces us all to do something that we don’t want to at some point in the day, almost on a daily basis. Those inconvenient obligations could be work, could be family, and could be fairly basic life functions, depending on how lazy one might be."