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Analyzing the Snap Counts in Browns vs. Steelers (Offense)

Karl Walter

I usually have these up right after the game, but the coaching situation took precedence over that. Before it gets too late, let's look back at the offensive snap counts for the Cleveland Browns' Week 17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Check out the snap distributions below, and let us know what your reactions are in the comments section.

Offensive Line
Joe Thomas John Greco Alex Mack Shawn Lauvao Mitchell Schwartz
63/63 plays
52/63 plays
63/63 plays
63/63 plays
63/63 plays
Oniel Cousins

11/63 plays
1/63 plays

Left guard has been the only position with some injury issues this year. When John Greco had to leave with an injury, our third- and fourth-string quarterbacks paid the ultimate price. I know he's inexperienced and out of position, but my god did Ryan Miller let Pittsburgh tee off on them or what? The offensive line yielded four sacks and five quarterback hits.

Running Back / Fullback
Montario Hardesty Brad Smelley Chris Ogbonnaya Brandon Jackson
35/63 plays
16/63 plays
16/63 plays
12/63 plays

Montario Hardesty: 14 carries, 37 yards, 2.6 average. 0 catches (1 target).
Brandon Jackson: 8 carries, 54 yards, 6.8 average.
Chris Ogbonnaya: 2 carries, 9 yards, 4.5 average. 2 catches, 3 yards (2 targets).
Brad Smelley:
No stats registered.

Thoughts: It should be noted that Ray Ventrone also had a run for 35 yards, but that came on special teams. I don't blame Hardesty for his low yards per carry average, considering he faced the Steelers' defense. Brandon Jackson was certainly a breath a fresh air, though, right? That makes it even more frustrating that he wasn't active all season. The Browns essentially paid him $4.5 million for that one game, since he'll be a free agent now.

Wide Receiver
Greg Little Travis Benjamin Josh Gordon Josh Cooper Joshua Cribbs
58/63 plays
37/63 plays
30/63 plays
14/63 plays
3/63 plays

Greg Little: 3 catches, 38 yards, 1 touchdown (5 targets).
Travis Benjamin: 4 catches, 43 yards (6 targets). 1 fumble lost.
Josh Gordon: 4 catches, 39 yards (7 targets). 1 fumble lost.
Josh Cooper: 1 catch, 8 yards (2 targets).
Joshua Cribbs: 1 catch, 9 yards.

Thoughts: The receivers did a solid job running routes for their young quarterback, and I loved the job that Greg Little did on his touchdown to work back to his quarterback (even though he was open the first time anyway). Josh Gordon did seem a bit off with...something, and eventually left with an ankle injury. This unit turned the ball over twice with standing-in-place fumbles, though, which ultimately cost the Browns the game.

Tight End
Benjamin Watson Alex Smith
61/63 plays
31/63 plays

Benjamin Watson: 7 catches, 64 yards (8 targets).
Alex Smith:
No stats registered.

Thoughts: This was another status quo game for the Browns' tight ends. This might have been Benjamin Watson's final game with the Browns since he is a free agent.

Thaddeus Lewis
Josh Johnson
62/63 plays
2/63 plays

Thaddeus Lewis: 22-of-32 for 204 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception. 1 carry, 3 yards.
Josh Johnson: No stats registered, unless you count getting blasted with a sack.

Thoughts: I was very impressed by Thaddeus Lewis' performance. He did everything I wanted versus a defense like Pittsburgh, like getting the ball out quickly, trusting his receivers to break at the right time, a strong arm, standing tall in the pocket, etc. It's a shame this couldn't have been a win for him, but his receivers coughed it up twice. He threw a pick to Polamalu, but that's kind of like his "rookie hazing," right? Both quarterbacks should beat the shit out of Ryan Miller, though.

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