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Super Bowl 2013: A Look at Cleveland Connections in the Super Bowl, and Browns' Roster Makeup

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With the number of one- or two-year rental players that bounce around the league from year-to-year, you would think that someone on the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers would be a former member of the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, scanning both teams' rosters, including the practice squads and injured reserves, a former member of the Browns is not to be found.

There are a couple of other connections related to Cleveland that you could make, though. The 49ers have two players who grew up in Cleveland and both went to Glenville High School at the same time -- safety Donte Whitner and receiver Ted Ginn Jr..

Whitner was drafted by the Bills with the 8th overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, while Ginn was drafted by the Dolphins with the 9th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. Ginn joined the 49ers in 2010, and Whitner came over in 2011. That is a story I would like to hear about amidst all of the "Harbowl" and "Ray Lewis" talk, and it's further incentive for fans to root for the 49ers over the Ravens this Sunday.

The 49ers also have former Browns special teams coach Brad Seely on their staff. Sadly, former Browns special teams demon Blake Costanzo, who was with the 49ers last year, signed a two-year deal with the Bears in 2012, so he misses out.

Funny enough, the Ravens' special teams coach is Jerry Rosburg, who was Cleveland's special teams coordinator from 2001-2006. I guess Chris Tabor will go to a Super Bowl one day at this rate, eh? Bonus points for anyone who knows Cleveland's special teams coordinator who was sandwiched between the reigns of Seely and Rosburg (without looking it up!).

Besides former connections, has a piece out on how the Baltimore Ravens' roster was constructed. Although the Browns' list below will probably be largely irrelevant next season with a new coaching staff coming in, you can still take a look at how much roster turnover Tom Heckert and company installed on this team over the past three years, compared to a team with long-standing players like the Ravens:


Source: ClevelandBrowns