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Dawgs By Nature is Looking for Writers

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Dawgs By Nature is looking to recruit additional writers. If you're interested, apply now!

Do you like writing about the Cleveland Browns? Are you interested in gaining more exposure for your work, with distributions going out to Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated, Google News, and other content partners?

It is that time of the year again -- Dawgs By Nature is looking to recruit additional writers. All interested parties are encouraged to apply, including the hardcore/niche analysts, people who like writing general opinion pieces, or those who have a skill for taking the tiniest news tidbits and turning them into a small but compelling post.

Here are the requirements of the job:

  • Applicants should have a hard nose for news, both in knowing what is important and identifying where to find it. This is one of the most important requirements, as you will need to take your own initiative to develop content rather than being told what to write.
  • There is not a set-in-stone quota for applicants, as it can vary depending on the type of work you plan on doing. In-depth writers might be required to write a minimum of 1-2 pieces per week, while more general news / shorter opinion people might be required to write a minimum of 4 pieces per week. Generally, all posts should be over 150 words, which is not very long.

    If someone is ambitious enough to take on a massive workload (enough to be a daily contributor), you are more than welcome to take on the challenge too!
  • There is no compensation associated with this position. You can consider this an entry-level position in sports media. A journalism degree (or pursuit of one) or experience in sports media writing is preferred, but not required.
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to edit your own work is required.
  • Having a good grasp of presentational skills and technology in writing is preferred, but can be guided through training. Examples of this include knowing when to use paragraph breaks, bulleted lists, utilizing graphics, emphasizing text, and utilizing a posting interface.
  • Knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is preferred. If you do not know much about SEO yet, that is fine, but it is required that you read and implement the techniques in headline writing (don't worry, this is easy, and it helps get more eyeballs to your articles).
  • Really, the only feature that is "exclusive" right now is the Daily Dawg Chow. Any other writing you can imagine beyond the daily link dump is open.

How to Apply: If you are interesting in joining our staff here at Dawgs By Nature, please contact me at with a relevant subject line. Here is what you should include in your "application" --

  • First and last name
  • DBN username (if you don't have one, put N/A)
  • Cover letter - this should be two paragraphs in length. Examples of what you could talk about include your writing experience (if any), why you would like to write for DBN, how active of a contributor you anticipate being, and what type of posts you could see yourself writing.
  • No formal resume is required. If you have writing samples (particularly in sports), please include a link to them or an attachment. This is not required, particularly if you have been a regular commenter at DBN over the years.

I will be accepting applications over the next week or so, but could start considering applicants sooner than that, depending on the volume and type of candidates who apply. I will consult with the other staff members (rufio, Matt Wood, and Jon Stinchcomb) during the process. If you've pissed one of them off in the past...good luck (I kid, I kid!).


-Chris Pokorny