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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/31/13)

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Alex Smith says he loved playing for Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner" (Plain Dealer) - "San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith, who figures to get plenty of attention from QB-hungry teams this spring, acknowledged Wednesday at the Super Bowl that he loved playing for Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner when they were together in San Francisco in 2006."
  • "Browns Should Stick with Weeden in 2013" ( - "As a new regime and a new coaching staff in Berea face the same old questions during yet another off-season of change for the Cleveland Browns, there is one eternal question that stands above all the rest: What should the Browns do about the quarterback position?"
  • "Ray Horton resists labeling Browns’ new scheme" (Beacon Journal) - "Ray Horton’s explanation of the system he’ll run as the Browns’ defensive coordinator sounded different Tuesday during his introductory news conference than it did last week in his interview with an Arizona radio station."
  • "The Same Old Argument" (OBR) - "I touched on this topic briefly last week, but I feel it’s again worth stating how ridiculously dated fan comments have become around the Browns’ little corner of the Internet. The latest example comes from (where else?) and poses the following directive to the new Browns’ regime."