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Filed under: Playoff Challenge - DBN League is hosting fantasy playoffs again, and before the Wildcard round starts on Saturday, let's get as many DBN members to play! This will be the third year we have done this.

The way it works is that you pick eight players every week, but you are rewarded more later on down the road if you have had a certain player for multiple weeks. Therefore, to get the maximum possible points in the long run, you really would have needed to pick players participating in the Super Bowl either this week or next week. The winner (out of the entire world) gets a trip to next year's Super Bowl. The league information is after the jump.

If you are interested in playing, go here and create an account. I created a league for DBN. The league name is "Dawgs By Nature," and the password is "passworddbn". If you were in it last year, you should get an email with that same information in it.