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Who Will Chip Kelly Sign With -- Philadelphia or Cleveland?


On Friday, we thought that we would hear a decision by Chip Kelly by the end of Saturday. The Eagles were supposed to meet with him on Saturday, and the Browns were scheduled to talk to him over the phone after that. At this point, though, the speculation is running rampant on Twitter because no one knows what the heck is going on.

The latest news seems to be that Kelly ended up meeting with the Eagles for a really long time, well into the night. It is unknown is the Browns were able to contact him again or not. Then, there have been the "fake" tweets about Kelly signing somewhere, when no decision has been made yet.

Some reports have said that if the Browns lose out on Kelly, they will make a push for Syracuse's Doug Marrone.

Where will Kelly end up? Hopefully in Cleveland. It looks like we'll have to continue playing the waiting game through these tense times, though. Use this as your open thread to discuss any late-breaking details.