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Wildcard Weekend: Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens

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Rob Carr

Will both AFC North playoff teams go down in the same weekend? The first playoff game today features Andrew Luck and the Colts taking on Joe Flacco and the Ravens.

The Colts were a pathetic 2-14 a year ago, and this year they are in the playoffs. The Browns haven't had that same type of turnaround fortune, but we have to keep faith and remember that one of these years, it will happen. The Ravens scuffled toward the end of the season and just barely hung on to the division crown in the AFC North.

Ray Lewis told his teammates that he will retire at the conclusion of the season. I do think he is serious, but it's also meant to be a big-time motivational tactic for the Ravens. The problem is that the Colts have been using a motivation tactic of their own -- rallying behind Chuck Pagano -- for much longer, and much more effectively. With Pagano going up against his former team, I think he has his team prepared to beat an overrated Ravens team on the road. Colts 21, Ravens17


Game: Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens
Date/Time: Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. EST
Television: CBS - Jim Nantz & Phil Simms