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Falcons Sign Former Browns WR Brian Robiskie

Wait a he DID play for us?
Wait a he DID play for us?
Tom Dahlin

Because of the incredible legacy that wide receiver Brian Robiskie left with the Cleveland Browns, we've tried to follow his journey since the team waived him in November 2011. He was first claimed by the Jacksonville Jaguars; once that didn't work out for him, the Detroit Lions gave him a shot mid-way through the 2012 season. He was with Detroit this offseason, but the team waived him before the start of training camp and indicated that he was not healthy.

Now, Robiskie has a new home: the Atlanta Falcons.

It's remarkable how quick the Falcons' wide receiver situation has gone to hell. Julio Jones is out for the season with a foot injury, and it sounds like Roddy White's injuries are going to be a recurring thing. There is a chance that the Falcons' receivers this week could be Harry Douglas and Robiskie, which is a pretty scary thought.

Brian's father, Terry Robiskie, was promoted to assistant head coach this offseason for the Falcons, and he also serves as the team's wide receivers coach. It would seem likely that Terry played a key role in Atlanta bringing his son in for a shot. At least Brian can hang his hat on this: he beat out former teammate Mohamed Massaquoi for a spot on the team:

Fans at our Falcons affiliate are actually pretty upset about the whole nepotism angle. It's even playing a factor in practice!