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Rufio's Film Room: Inside Zone vs. Bengals

Rufio breaks down one of the Browns' most common run plays: Inside Zone

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

I say a lot in the videos so I am going to try to limit my words here. I would recommend watching the videos in order because I do refer back to the first one from the second two. But if you want to skip ahead feel free.

I could talk all day about zone runs, so my apologies for the length, but it is interesting stuff and worth a view. Plus, inside zone is a play that we will continue to run and that will continue to be important to our success even if our running game remains very poor.

I would also like to repeat that I accidentally used the term "headhunter" and that is absolutely NOT what I meant to say. What I meant to refer to is a physical lead blocker who can FIGURATIVELY stab a linebacker in the heart and blow him up with a clean, legal block in the hole. I do not advocate dirty play in any shape or form.