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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (10/14/13)

Jason Miller


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Jimmy Graham has leg injury" (ESPN) - "The New Orleans Saints lost their first game of the season, 30-27, to the New England Patriots on Sunday. They also lost their star tight end Jimmy Graham to an undisclosed lower leg injury in the fourth quarter."
  • "Vick isn’t worrying about starting job, Kelly is evaluating" (PFT) - "Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said this weekend that he has a 'long road' back from his hamstring injury and he said after the team’s 31-20 win over the Buccaneers that going down that road is his only concern at the moment."
  • "Woes continue for several 2012 playoff teams" ( - "It's only mid-October, but it looks like the parity-loving NFL is a lock this year to get those five or six new playoff teams it loves to boast about every season. Because almost half of last year's field is already underwater or sinking fast. Houston, Atlanta, Washington, Minnesota, and Baltimore take a bow."