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DBN Radio: A Toxic Fan Base When it Comes to Quarterbacks?

Dawgs By Nature Radio returns tonight, October 15th, LIVE at 7 PM EST. This week's episode marks the long-awaited return of host Matt Wood, and he'll be joined by Dan Lalich and Mike Krupka. Be sure to check out the show preview below, because we are in store for a controversial hour of Cleveland Browns talk.

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  2. Tweet: Send us a tweet with the hashtag #DBNRadio
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Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. A lot went wrong in this week's 31-17 loss to the Detroit Lions. Matt and the gang will kick off the show by discussing some of the defensive shortcomings, and trends that have been different when Brian Hoyer started vs. when Brandon Weeden started.

  2. This quote comes from Matt Wood, and he is going to have a full-blown rant ready to back it up: "We are a toxic fanbase when it comes to Quarterbacks." Time after time, we've seen quarterbacks in Cleveland fail and then be run out of town. Nobody has succeeded. Should the fans shoulder a lot of the blame for that?

  3. Given that fact, if you were a college quarterback in this year's class, would you go as far as to say, "I don't want Cleveland drafting me?"

Be sure to have your phones ready to dial in if you disagree with Matt!