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Josh Gordon Trade Talks Still Attracting Plenty of Attention

While the Josh Gordon trade talks have been "chumming the water" recently, is there really a shark out there ready and willing to take the bite?

Mike McGinnis

Earlier today, Adam Schefter reported what many of us already knew - teams are still calling the Browns about acquiring the services of Josh Gordon:

Adam Schefter ‏ @ AdamSchefter

At least 3 teams have contacted Browns about deal for WR Josh Gordon; two have standing offers of a high pick and a player. Browns balking.

Up until this point, we've only heard that the Browns have listened to offers but they they have no intention of trading Josh Gordon. However, we have yet to heard the name TJ Ward or the wording that a deal is "very close to being done". But, according to Nick Barlotta of, the chum in the water is real. With the trade deadline fast approaching, he is hearing that there may be a frenzy on the horizon:

Nick Barlotta ‏ @ NickBarlottaFN

I am now hearing deal between Jets and Browns is very close to done..Jets have 2 picks on table.... Deal of course regarding josh Gordon...

Jets also trying to see what it would cost to get tj ward too

Now, I am not really sure who Nick Barlotta is, so I am taking his report with a grain of salt, but I thought I'd share his report here for you to debate. There is one thing for certain, however, and that is that teams are interested in Josh Gordon and if the price is right, this could very well develop into a headline in the days and weeks to come.

A Browns fan at heart, Dane Brugler weighed in on the Josh Gordon trade possibility as well:

Dane Brugler ‏ @ dpbrugler

NFL Trade deadline still over a week away, I don't blame the # Browns for holding onto Gordon for now. Wait and see if the right offer comes

I really don't want to see the Browns ship Josh Gordon away and I find it highly unlikely that this happens. But only time will tell if somebody offers a deal worthy of the "value" the Browns perceive Gordon to have.