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DBN Radio: Finished With Brandon Weeden, Josh Gordon Trade Rumors

Dawgs By Nature Radio returns tonight, October 22nd, LIVE at 7 PM EST. This week's episode will be hosted again by Matt Wood, and he'll be joined by Josh Finney and Zach Miller. Check out the show preview below for another hour of Cleveland Browns talk.

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Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. The Browns were awful this past Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, and there is plenty of blame to go around. The guys will talk about the unacceptable quality of play from Brandon Weeden.

  2. Josh Gordon also didn't have the greatest game, and now Adam Schefter is reporting that teams are still shoving offers toward the Browns. Will Gordon be dealt before the deadline? In other receiver news, the guys will discuss the absurdity of Travis Benjamin not getting more involved in the offensive gameplan. We'll talk about other elements from the game too, such as the Browns' continued struggles on third down, the penalties,

  3. Given the Browns' quarterback situation, we'll take another look at the 2014 draft class and whether Brian Hoyer being on the roster next season would be a good or a bad thing.

  4. Do we have any chance in Arrowhead of beating the 7-0 Chiefs?

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