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DBN Radio: Listen to Our 10/29/13 Episode

Dawgs By Nature Radio was last night. Matt Wood hosted the show and was joined by Josh Finney. Some of the topics discussed included...

  • The fact that WR Josh Gordon remains a member of the Browns, as well as more speculation as to what stage of the NFL drug policy he is in.
  • How QB Jason Campbell played this past Sunday, and Cleveland's effort against the Chiefs in general.
  • The remarks that WR Joshua Cribbs made about his former team, and the "misquotes" on the walls in Berea.
  • To close out the show, we had a guest come on to talk about the Ravens.

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below.

Download the .mp3 of the show

Listen to the 10/29/13 episode on iTunes