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Week 10 - NFL Sunday Afternoon Open Thread


Good afternoon, Cleveland Browns fans! The Browns are on the bye, so here is your Week 10 guide for what would be the most ideal situation for Cleveland:

High-Stakes Games

  • Bengals vs. Ravens: 81% of you said that you hope the Ravens win, which would draw Cleveland closer to the Bengals for the AFC North division lead. It would also place us in a tie with the Ravens, though. Baltimore winning this week seems like the better scenario if we just want to "go for it."
  • Jaguars vs. Titans: The Titans are 4-4 and are very much a wildcard contender. This should be an easy game against the winless Jaguars, but it'd be great if Jacksonville can pull off a win. Not only would it help Cleveland's playoff chances, it would help remove the burden of the Browns possibly facing a winless team looking for their first win late in the season.
  • Broncos vs. Chargers: The Chargers are 4-4 and are also a wildcard contender. They have played teams tough this year and could upset the Broncos. At 8-1, hopefully Denver plays at the top of their game, though, to help crush San Diego's hopes.
  • Dolphins vs. Buccaneers: The Dolphins are 4-4 and a wildcard contender. This game is the Monday Nighter. Hopefully, the whole Incognito-Martin situation kills the Dolphins' season, especially since they own a win over us. I'm actually picking the Buccaneers for an upset this week.

The other games with moderate interest include Bills vs. Steelers and Raiders vs. Giants. We would prefer the Steelers and Giants to win, so that Buffalo and Oakland are further away from being wildcard chasers. Use this as your open thread to discuss the games.

As always, GO BROWNS!!!