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DBN Radio: Previewing Browns vs. Bengals

After a one-week hiatus, Dawgs By Nature Radio returns tonight, November 12th, LIVE at 7 PM EST. This week's episode will be hosted by Matt Wood, and he'll be joined by Josh Finney. Check out the show preview below for another hour of Cleveland Browns talk.

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  2. Tweet: Send us a tweet with the hashtag #DBNRadio
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  4. Chat: Use the chat room at the bottom of the DBN Radio page.

Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. The Browns are coming off of the bye week, and with how everything unfolded this past weekend, this week's game against the Bengals has even greater meaning. The guys will talk about the importance of this week's game and other things they'd like to see the second half of the season.

  2. Amidst all of the playoff talk, we need to address a topic that you know everyone is still thinking about: our quarterback of the future. Have the play of Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell eased the need for a quarterback, or are we still looking for our next quarterback come May?

  3. Nick Seuberling from Cincy Jungle will be on as a guest around the 7:30 PM EST mark to help preview this Sunday's game. What is their level of confidence heading into this game, after having lost two straight games and having lost to Cleveland earlier in the year?

  4. Lastly, the guys will want to touch on just what the hell has been going on with this whole Miami Dolphins situation.

Be sure to have your phones ready to dial in!