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Poll: Do You Want the Bengals or the Ravens to Win?

Rob Carr


OK, but this is the NFL, and there has to be an outcome to the game. This Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens will host the Cincinnati Bengals in an AFC North battle. Because Cleveland is in second place in the AFC North, a lot of Browns fans will be paying attention to that game on Sunday. The question is, "which team would you rather see win?"

Currently, the AFC North standings are as follows:


  • Entering Week 10, the Browns are 0.5 ahead of the Ravens, and 2 games behind the Bengals.

  • If the Ravens win this week, they will be tied with the Browns for second place in the AFC North, but the Browns would draw to within 1.5 games of the Bengals for first place.

  • If the Bengals win this week, they will move to 2.5 games ahead of the Browns, while Cleveland would be 1 game ahead of the Ravens. If you're a fan who believes we won't catch Cincinnati, then you may want Baltimore to lose so we can at least stay ahead of them (and to hurt their wildcard chances).

  • After the bye week is over, the Browns face the Bengals in Week 11. Let's say the Browns win that game. If the Bengals had beaten the Ravens, we'd be 1.5 games behind the Bengals for first place. If the Ravens had beaten the Bengals, we'd only be 0.5 games behind the Bengals for first place (and we would have swept them).

  • The Browns currently hold the best division record at 2-1.

  • The Steelers are a joke.

Vote in the poll below: based on the situation, who do you want to see win this Sunday? Although I think the Bengals will win, I voted that I'd rather see the Ravens win. Yes, that would get them back in the division race, but we can't be worried about looking behind us if we expect to be a contending team; instead, and until we have first place, we need to be focusing all of our attention on who is ahead of us.