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Browns QB Brandon Weeden Suffers a Concussion

In what was another bizarre game for Cleveland Browns fans, after the team's 32-28 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, quarterback Brandon Weeden was diagnosed with a concussion. The team told reporters that Weeden did not report symptoms until after the game, and it was unclear when the concussion could have taken place.

I re-watched all of the team's offensive plays after the game to try to spot a hard hit, but I really couldn't find one. The closest his head came to taking a hit was actually on his first pass of the game, a big completion to wide receiver Josh Gordon.

It is unclear how serious Weeden's concussion is. Jason Campbell was inactive this week as he still tries to return from a concussion. If neither Campbell or Weeden can play next week, we might see Alex Tanney make his first career start against the Patriots next week. Tanney was just signed last week off the Cowboys' practice squad.