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Josh Gordon Has Quickly Become "The Man" on Offense

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is quickly becoming "the man" on offense, and in a stretch of two games, might now be widely regarded by other teams as the best player on the team, surpassing even the likes of left tackle Joe Thomas and cornerback Joe Haden.

In our film review from Bears vs. Browns this past Sunday, we pointed out a lot of missed opportunities in which Gordon was wide open, but quarterback Jason Campbell failed to hit him. Now, we're getting to the point where even the team's offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, is just flat-out stating hypothetical stats that Gordon could have had, based on those missed opportunities we recognized.

"I thought there were opportunities for Josh," said Turner. "I thought he could have easily had six or seven catches for another 150 yards. We were just off. We missed him a couple of times and we didn’t throw to him a couple of times when he had chances to make big plays."

Those six or seven catches for another 150 yards would have been in addition to the 3 catches for 67 yards that Gordon posted on the day. Most of that yardage came on a 43-yard touchdown with a minute to go in the game. Opposing head coaches are also handing out praise for Gordon, including Rex Ryan of the Jets, the team that Cleveland faces this Sunday:

"Yikes. That’s scary," he said. "Ooh, man, the run after catch is crazy. I’ve seen him catch a dig, and he breaks a tackle, goes for 80. Slant goes for 80. Big, physical, strong kid."

What do you guys think? Is Gordon now the player on the team who other players look to as being the "savior" of sorts? Yes, he doesn't have that veteran leadership type of presence yet, but his teammates seem in awe and inspired by his abilities and effort.