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Report: Rob Chudzinski Could be Fired

Could the Browns suddenly be looking at a head coaching change?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (9:30 PM): Chudzinski has been fired. We have a new story up on DBN discussing the news, so head on over there.


UPDATE (6:38 PM): Jay Glazer from FOX Sports is the latest national media member to weigh in:

UPDATE (6:13 PM): Michael Silver of has joined the parade of rumors, with the following tweets:

UPDATE (6:03 PM): Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, who has had good connections to the Browns, weighed in on the news:

UPDATE (5:48 PM): This one seems pretty definitive: ESPN's Chris Mortensen tweeted that Rob Chudzinski is expected to be fired. A little earlier, Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk reported that Chudzinski is scheduled to meet with the front office Monday morning, where the news could be officially delivered.



Heading into today's season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers, questions about the job security for head coach Rob Chudzinski began arising. The rumors seemed to start with ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi:

A little bit later, though, Chris Mortensen from ESPN tweeted the following about the team's situation:

The combinations of those rumors seemed to allow the flood gates to open on potential rumors that reporters across the NFL might have been holding back. Albert Breer from NFL Network came forward with a couple of more notes on the rumor:

We'll see if the Browns shoot down the rumor after the game -- it would be a wise move for PR reasons if nothing is up. My personal take is that Chudzinski's job is safe, otherwise it would not look very good for team president Joe Banner.

Considering the connection that Jason La Canfora has reportedly had to Michael Lombardi in the past, is this a cryptic tweet about the Browns' coaching situation?