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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (2/1/13)

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Modell not worthy of Hall" (FS Ohio) - "John Harbaugh said at the Super Bowl on Thursday that he hopes folks find it in their hearts to vote Art Modell into the Pro Football Hall of Fame during Saturday morning’s vote."
  • "Scott Fujita on the Browns returning to the 3-4: It can work" (ESPN Cleveland) - "Don’t despair of the 3-4: Former Browns linebacker Scott Fujita played in the 'old school' 3-4 defense under Bill Parcells and Eric Mangini and in the 4-3 defense under Dick Jauron. One system he hasn’t played in is the 3-4 'attack defense' planned for the Browns under new coordinator Ray Horton."
  • "2012 Position Review: Offensive Line" ( - "The Cleveland Browns struggled to find a healthy right tackle during the 2011 season, and they addressed that need by selecting Mitchell Schwartz out of the University of California-Berkeley with their second-pick in the 2012 NFL Draft."
  • "What might have been in Baltimore" (ESPN) - "The tale of how NFL owner Art Modell bolted Cleveland for Baltimore, changed the team's name from the Browns to the Ravens, then dared to set foot in Cleveland only once again has been revisited during Super Bowl week as the Ravens prepare to play the San Francisco 49ers. But the little-known story of the power lunch that was intended to block Modell's move and hilariously went off the rails instead?"


  • "Packers all-time leading receiver Driver to retire" (AP) - "No other uniform would fit Donald Driver. The Green Bay Packers all-time leading receiver announced his retirement Thursday morning, with a public ceremony planned for Feb. 6 at the Lambeau Field Atrium."
  • "NFLPA voices safety complaints" (AP) - "So much for labor peace in the NFL. Less than 18 months after the league and players ended a lockout by signing a 10-year collective bargaining agreement, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith and union president Domonique Foxworth used a Super Bowl news conference to lay out a series of complaints about safety issues Thursday."
  • "Falcons lobbying Tony Gonzalez for one more year" (PFT) - "Tight end Tony Gonzalez’s chances of retiring were up to 97 percent by the end of the season, but the Falcons are making sure that three percent doesn’t go away without being contemplated in full."
  • "Niners kicker David Akers tired of repetitive questions" ( - "David Akers is done. Over four consecutive days, the San Francisco 49ers kicker has been answering different strains of the same basic question: Why do you stink?"