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OT: Best Community Stories in DBN History

Attention Dawgs By Nature members,

A staff member from SB Nation is in the process of working on a project that catalogs the best "community" stories from around the network. This covers a wide range of things and is very broad, but here is a list of the type of things being looked for:

- projects communities undertook together
- ideas they developed about their teams
- fundraisers for folks in their local cities or national causes
- gatherings they organized at games or elsewhere
- writers that were discovered
- videos that were posted and launched to a wider audience
- coaches that were fired
- nicknames for players originated in gamethreads and used by tv announcers
- community members called out by user name by owners
- changes teams made based on community feedback
- anything hilarious and awesome our communities have done
- etc

I don't know if many of the things on the list have applied to Dawgs By Nature. If anything, "gatherings organized," "anything hilarious and awesome our communities have done," and "etc" should cover something you could bring up in the comments section.

Even if something hasn't been discussed on DBN before, maybe discuss some unique story you have. Have you ever met a semi-stranger, only to find out they also visit the site? One of the small extended projects I can think of is when Kimble created the map back in August. Think of something and share so I can relay the stories back to our SB Nation team member. Any story you share may or may not be used in a presentation, database, or story in the future.