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Welcoming the New DBN Staff!

Greetings Dawgs By Nature faithful,

As most of you know, a few weeks ago, I began the process of searching for additional writers to add to the site. For seven years, I have been the dominant front page voice for Browns fans. Over times, we have added the likes of rufio, Matt Wood, and Jon Stinchcomb to our staff. I was overwhelmed by the number of candidates who applied, and in the end, I decided to bring aboard five new contributors.

You have already engaged with four of these individuals through their formal introductions: notthatnoise, Mike Krupka, Zach Miller, and Josh Finney. I believe each of them have their strengths and contrasting styles and will come through with some very compelling features in the future. When our fifth additional contributor makes his debut, you guys will really be in store for something special.

I thought some of you might have had questions with the sudden influx of new contributors. I also saw troy145's statement that said, "I hope we don’t turn into Bleacher Report," and felt compelled to address that right away too. I'll format this in a Q&A style:

  • Is there a quota for DBN? A couple of years ago, I started posting a lot more on DBN, and users started complaining about the number of posts compared to what they were used to. At that time, there was a quota established of an average of 4 posts per day at the site. It took some time for me getting used to it, but the complaints pretty much faded as people got used to it. That quota still exists, and I have been fulfilling it for I believe two years now. This is not the reason new contributors were added.
  • Will You (Chris Pokorny) Post Less? I doubt it. My commitment to the site remains identical. If anything does change, it would be this: if one of the new contributors covers a smaller story that I usually would have covered, it allows me to put more time into a researched post, such as the one I did on salary cap casualties earlier in the week.
  • I Hate the Articles one of the New Writers is Putting Out: Don't be afraid to give writers your feedback. I have confidence in everyone we brought aboard, but there is a growing process for everyone.
  • Is There Going to be Too Much? We're in the process of crafting out a general posting schedule for everyone. Because everyone introduced themselves on Thursday, it might seem like, "whoa, what's happening here?" It won't be like that every day. The offseason is the perfect time to feel stuff like this out, too. In the long-term, I want it to be so that you, the reader, can have an idea like, "oh, I know notthatnoise might have a new article up on Wednesday...and Zach's piece will come out on Thursday," or something like that. We'll make sure all of the content has a chance to breathe.
  • Why Now? Why basically double the staff now, as opposed to another time? This has actually been a project I have wanted to take on for several years now -- by that, I mean adding and trying to gain experience at managing a staff, so to speak. It's just that I finally went through with the initiative.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to share them below. Otherwise, let's all welcome the new staff with open arms! I am excited to see what they come up with in the coming weeks.