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DBN Mock Draft: Final List, and Pushing Back Until After the Combine?

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the 2013 NFL Mock Draft. There are still more than a handful of people who need to email me at with the email address that they check regularly, so if you have not done that, please do so as soon as possible.

Originally, I thought about starting the mock draft as soon as today. However, I am having second thoughts on that because of the NFL Combine. Historically, the NFL Combine is what allows the stock for certain players to skyrocket or plummet. Also, DBN will be busy covering the combine from February 20-26, so the site mock draft might be a bit of a distraction during that time. Therefore, I think it would be better that we begin the mock draft around February 27. If there are any significant objections to this, let me know in the comments section below.

To keep things simple, no trades will be allowed. In your writeups, though, you can certainly mention that you would have preferred a trade if it were permitted.

Last year, the Redskins-Rams trade threw off our mock draft completely as we were in the process of doing it, and we ended up going back to re-draft some of the first couple of picks. We'll visit that circumstance again if a trade occurs in March, but for now, let's just hope it doesn't happen so that by the end of our mock draft, it still reflects the actual draft order heading in to Day 1.

Here are each team's general managers; for those people not participating in the draft, feel free to discuss players you could see going to a certain team (besides the Browns):

New England Patriots	roar888
New York Jets		notthatnoise
Miami Dolphins		Weeden2Gordon
Buffalo Bills		Brownie's Year
Baltimore Ravens	Ecwingen
Cincinnati Bengals	troy145
Pittsburgh Steelers	HenryDawg
Cleveland Browns	Cedarpoint2k3
Houston Texans		The B-Train
Indianapolis Colts	Mike Krupka
Tennessee Titans	jerseydawg8
Jacksonville Jaguars	Adrock2099
Denver Broncos		KillerNut
San Diego Chargers	JamesPowell
Oakland Raiders		TuckJob
Kansas City Chiefs	BuenosAires_Dawg
Washington Redskins	Drexel Dawg
Dallas Cowboys		jimkanicki
New York Giants		Red-Right-88
Philadelphia Eagles	Chalmdeezy
Green Bay Packers	Jon Stinchcomb
Minnesota Vikings	Legoman0721
Chicago Bears		PaduaDSP
Detroit Lions		macdowellm03
Atlanta Falcons		Matt Wood
Carolina Panthers	rossn2007
New Orleans Saints	Ted Washington's Belly
Tampa Bay Buccaneers	LessThanJake
San Francisco 49ers	rufio
Seattle Seahawks	Brocolis154033
St. Louis Rams		nickjs21
Arizona Cardinals	Mudville