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Cleveland Browns Free Agency Talk 2013 - WRs


Yet another position of seemingly perpetual need for Cleveland, the Browns haven't had a premier wide receiver for at least the past five seasons.

That could change soon enough and it might be with someone already on the roster. For the first time since 2007, the Browns may have their primary go-to receiver in Josh Gordon, a second-round supplemental draft pick last year.

Despite a very promising rookie season for Gordon and some hope in Greg Little, Cleveland can still look to add valuable depth at the position. This year's WR free agent class will offer a lot of options, from top tier No. 1's, to solid slot receivers, and bottom-of-the-barrel return specialists. Though, if history is any indication, those worth having may come at a high price.

  • Mike Wallace (PIT - 26) – Based purely on physical ability and age, Mike Wallace would lead this class. The problem lies with everything else. There's reason to believe he's declining since his peak in 2010. His attitude is suspect as well. He wants a massive contract, he's going to get it, and it's not likely to be a very cost-effective investment. For a more in-depth analysis of Wallace and the prospect of adding him to the Browns, check out Zach Miller's free agent preview.
  • Greg Jennings (GB - 29) – Greg Jennings had been consistently great for the Packers up until he ran into injury trouble in the last two seasons. He, too, wants to get paid. Apparently, in the range of $14 million a year. Jennings probably has some good years left in him, but good enough for that sort of contract? He'll turn 30 early next season.
  • Dwayne Bowe (KC - 28) – Dwayne Bowe has produced solid numbers despite the Chief's questionable quarterback situations over the course of his career. He's also struggled with dropped passes throughout that time as well, but some good receivers do. His price tag may depend on the field, but expect to be relatively high.
  • Wes Welker (NE - 31) – Wes Welker may have been the best slot receiver in the NFL for the past six seasons. Having Tom Brady at quarterback isn't a legitimate criticism, but when combined with his age, it's reason enough for teams without an elite QB to be cautious. He'll turn 32 in a few months. Don't expect another franchise tag from New England.
  • Danny Amendola (STL - 27) – Danny Amendola could be an option as a solid slot receiver depending on how much money he's asking for and how much of that other teams are willing to pay. He's offered anything near a No. 1 contract, the Browns should steer clear.
  • Brian Hartline (MIA - 26) – Brian Hartline might be underrated. In this class with big names being vastly overpaid, if Hartline can be had for a mid-level contract, it could payoff really well.
  • Ted Ginn (SF - 27) – With fellow free agent Josh Cribbs likely not playing in Cleveland next season, Ted Ginn could be an option as a return specialists. That is, if the Browns don't already have one on the roster in Travis Benjamin.
  • Victor Cruz (NYG - 26) Restricted – Victor Cruz is easily the best receiver on this list, but as a restricted free agent, it's not a venture the Browns should nor will attempt.

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