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Mike Holmgren Could be Getting a "Leadership Role" With the Raiders

Matt Sullivan

From one cushy job to another? Man, Mike Holmgren has it made. First, he was cut loose early from his role in Cleveland as team president, earning plenty of compensation along the way. Then, he took a nice vacation in Hawaii before having a good old time with his favorite Seattle radio station. Now, according to ESPN, he could be walking right into the Oakland Raiders' organization:

What exactly does "leadership role" mean? Perhaps if Holmgren wasn't vacationing in Europe right now, we might have some more details. Silver and Black Pride, our Raiders affiliate, tried to connect ESPN's report with their team's current situation:

The Raiders have reportedly spoke with several candidates to fill the role of team president since the season ended. The latest reported discussions have been with Mike Holmgren about a leadership role which would very likely be that of the currently unmanned team president position.


Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie knows Holmgren very well from their days together with the Green Bay Packers. Holmgren was the Packers' head coach when McKenzie first joined the team's front office in 1994. The Packers would go to two Super Bowls under Holmgren including winning Super Bowl XXXI over the Patriots.

Well, if this ends up happening, at least it's not a coaching position. Again, I can't really fault Holmgren for all of this -- who wouldn't love to have NFL teams clamoring at their feet and paying them a boatload of money to do very little?