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Colt McCoy Invests in Dunkin' Donuts, Talks About the Browns

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning invested in pizza. Colt McCoy is going with donuts.

Last December, it was reported that Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy was part of an investment team that is planning to open 24 Dunkin' Donuts locations in Central Texas over the next six years. Mike Barnes, a sportcaster for KVUE in Austin, Texas, interviewed McCoy recently, as he was in-person at one of his Dunkin' Donuts locations to do some promotion and marketing for the store. In the short clip, Barnes discussed McCoy's situation with the Browns, which I have transcribed below:

Barnes: "How tough was last year in Cleveland?"

McCoy: "You know, it is what it is. It was a tough year. Obviously, as a competitor, you always want to be out there playing and competing. We'll see what happens this year. We've got a new owner, a new head coach, and a new staff. So hopefully, we'll see where that goes."

Barnes: "Do you keep an eye on the coaching process and when Chudzinski was being hired? How close did you keep an eye on that to see what was going to happen?"

McCoy: "Yeah, you know, that's your team, it's where you've been for the last three years, so you keep a close eye on it. I've had lots of contact with those guys. It's been really good, really positive. I'm excited to go back this spring and compete."

Barnes: "The last time you had a year where you basically didn't play at all was with the Longhorns in 2005 for the National Championship. Is it strange for you, because you've been the star in high school, college, and all of the teams you've ever played on."

McCoy: "There's always ups and downs, especially with a career in the NFL. You hardly see guys where it's just smooth the whole time. You have to overcome a lot and pull through and fight and I'm excited, like I said, to go this spring and compete."

Watching the videos of McCoy (part 1 and part 2), McCoy seemed so energetic when talking about Dunkin' Donuts and being back in Texas, but it looked like the life was sucked out of his soul whenever the Browns got brought up.