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Alex Mack Taking Part in Hollywood Boot Camp; Joshua Cribbs Appearing in Movie

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Look out -- the Cleveland Browns are going Hollywood (and I'm not talking about Jim Brown). According to, Browns center Alex Mack has been selected as one of 22 current and former players to participate in the second annual NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp at Universal Studios. Two former Browns, defensive back Ryan McNeil (from the1999 team) and offensive lineman L.J. Shelton (from the 2005 team), are also participating.

The program helps players prepare for possible careers after football. Here is some of what Mack and the other participants will be doing:

The NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp is an intensive filmmaking workshop for players aspiring to careers in the motion picture industry. Through classroom learning and practical application, current and former NFL players receive a crash course in the art of moviemaking and are introduced to various disciplines and careers in the film business.

Over the course of the program, participants work with accomplished industry professionals to bring a compelling story to life and learn about key aspects of the industry, including screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, editing, and film financing. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the rigors of the filmmaking process and have the opportunity to be mentored by an accomplished industry professional.

In other movie-related news, Browns free agent receiver Joshua Cribbs will appear in a production at Kent titled, "The Murders at Brandywine Theatre." The movie starts shooting on March 2, with filming expected to be completed by the summer. Cribbs' character, "Brick," will presumably have just a small role in the film. For any wrestling fans out there, Diamond Dallas Page appears to be one of the main characters. If that doesn't make the film a hit, then I don't know what will!