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Joshua Cribbs Wants an Incentive-Laden Contract; Tampering Comes Into Question

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joshua Cribbs has been the most talked about free agent on the team this offseason. He joined The Really Big Show this afternoon on ESPN 850 WKNR to talk more about his thoughts on the team, the movie he will be appearing in, and where he feels his contract situation stands with the team. The full audio can be heard here, which is about 23 minutes in length.

During the interview, much like he did a couple of days ago, Cribbs expressed that he wasn't really optimistic about the Browns wanting him back. When asked if he got the impression from Joe Banner that "it's over," though, Cribbs was clear that it wasn't the case -- if it was, he would have already acknowledged his goodbye to Cleveland fans and gotten ready to move on.

Cribbs was then asked what would happen if this is the end in Cleveland. Would there be enough interest in him? That's where Cribbs said something that he probably wasn't supposed to, as Pro Football Talk suggested that Cribbs basically admitted to tampering:

"My agent has been meeting with several different teams," said Cribbs. "There is a lot of interest that different teams are showing. There have already been numbers brought to the table. Wheels are turning behind closed doors. ... I'm really trying to push my agents and the Browns to really try to reach an agreement so I can stay a Cleveland Brown."

Shortly after, J.R. Rickert, one of Cribbs' representatives, tweeted the following:

Shortly after, Peter Schaffer, another one of Cribbs' representatives, made the following quote to Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer:

"Our conversations to this point have been exclusively with the Browns, but we do anticipate a strong market for him,'' said Schaffer. "Josh was rated the No. 2 kick returner and No. 2 special teamer last season. When has that ever happened? Not to mention all the things he can do for a team on offense.''


Anyway, let me get back to Cribbs' interview on WKNR. Here are a few other interesting tidbits I caught:

  • On if he'd sign with a division rival: (laughs) "They'd have to come at me with ridiculous numbers. Realistically, that is not my intention. I have NO intentions of playing within our division."
  • On what he meant by saying he'd take a pay cut: "Allow me to take more incentives. I'm willing to take a pay cut on base salary, but give me the opportunity to make it up in incentives. ... If I want to make such and such million dollars, let me earn it on the field."
  • On back in the 2008 season: "If Braylon had caught half the balls he dropped [in 2008], we would've sent Derek Anderson back to the Pro Bowl."
  • On whether Weeden can achieve more under Chud than Derek Anderson did: "Oh yes, definitely."