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Poll: What Do You Think of the Jaguars' New Logo?

The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled a new logo at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, which can be seen in the cover above, courtesy of of Jaguars affiliate, Big Cat Country. One of their site's members put together a side-by-side comparison of the previous logo compared to the new logo:

My first impression when I saw the new logo was, "that looks awful." When I took the time to look through the everything more than once, including the type face used for the team name, the alternate team logo on a black shield, and the side-by-side comparison, I started warming up to it. On a plain white background, I think it lacks a little bit, but I imagine that I'll warm up to it easily if it's on a colored helmet.

65% of the fans at Big Cat Country currently like the logo, 20% don't like it, and the rest are undecided. What do you think of the Jaguars' new logo, as a Browns fan? Let us know in the poll below.