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Introducing Your New Writer for Dawgs By Nature

Jason Miller

Hello readers of Dawgs By Nature, it is my pleasure to introduce myself as DBN's newest front page contributor. I've been a moderator for a while now and feel I'm finally ready to offer my thoughts in an official capacity. I'd like to thank Chris for this opportunity as well as for all of the hard work he and the other writers already do for this site. Hopefully I'll be able to bring something new to the table and expand upon the great content already available here.

In terms of what I'll be writing about, I'd like to look at topics a little more in depth than what we typically see on the front page at the moment. I would like to really dig deep into all of the statistics available to us and see what they say about the Cleveland Browns and the rest of the league. I would also like to look at some league-wide topics and see what the community here at DBN thinks of them. In short, I want to take my time and really flesh out each and every topic I write about. It won't be up to the minute news or anything, but I think you will find my posts at DBN informative and worth reading. I look forward to the challenge of creating quality content for the best Cleveland Browns fan site on the web, and hopefully you look forward to reading what I have to offer.