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Cleveland Browns Free Agency Talk 2013 - QBs


With the NFL free agency period is just about a month away, it's time to start considering the possibilities.

Teams can begin negotiating with agents on March 9. But, the new league year is set to start at 4 p.m. on March 12, which marks the time teams can officially sign free agents.

We're going to start things of once again this year with the 2013 free agent class of quarterbacks. As expected in a league where this single position is as vital as it is, the best of the best generally don't hit free agency making for a relatively weak class. This year there may be one exception:

  • Joe Flacco (BAL - 28) – Joe Flacco will return to the Baltimore Ravens. He took a major bet on himself and it's going to pay off big time. The team signing the check will be his current one. There's no chance Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome lets his Super Bowl winning franchise QB hit the open market. Flacco doesn't post elite passer ratings during the regular season, but he's proven himself more than capable of playing at an elite level when he needs to. In a worst-case scenario for Baltimore, they place an exclusive rights franchise tag on him. Letting him go to a division rival simply isn't going to happen, even for two first-round draft picks.
  • Jason Campbell (CHI - 31) – Jason Campbell is a seasoned veteran and a solid backup quarterback. At the age of 31, he doesn't offer much more than that. His ceiling is apparent and it's not what teams are looking for in a starter. Though, he may be the best backup of this class.
  • Matt Moore (MIA - 28) – Despite having been in the league for six seasons, Matt Moore has only played in 37 games over the course of his NFL career. In the games he has played, he's been up and down but showed promise on occasion. He, like Campbell, appears to be an above average backup.
  • Brian Hoyer (ARI - 27) – Mike Lombardi has a history talking up career-backup Brian Hoyer. Now with Lombardi controlling the personnel in Cleveland, it appears Hoyer could be a potential target for the Browns. In the two games Hoyer played as the Cardinals' fourth option this past season, he managed to throw for 330 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions.
  • Chase Daniel (NO - 26) – Chase Daniel has thrown nine pass attempts in his four-year NFL career. However, he's done well in the preseason. He's another name that was dropped just recently as a possible target for the Browns. He's also the youngest QB on this list.
  • Tarvaris Jackson (BUF - 29) – Tarvaris Jackson does have some experience as a starter. This came mostly in 2007 and 2011, the latter of which you would hope to see more from a quarterback in his sixth season. Now approaching his eighth, he's another free agent likely to find a role as a backup.
  • Derek Anderson (CAR - 29) – Please.