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Baltimore Ravens Reportedly Re-Sign QB Joe Flacco, Making Him the NFL's Highest Paid Player


The Baltimore Ravens have been fleeced, and that's great news for Cleveland Browns fans. According to multiple reports, the Ravens have re-signed quarterback Joe Flacco to a 6-year deal worth $120.6 million. It was necessary for the Ravens to reach a deal with Flacco by March 4, because that is the last day they could have placed the franchise tag on him.

According to ESPN, the language of the contract will continue to be sorted out over the weekend, and Flacco is expected to officially sign the contract on Monday. It's pretty funny how Flacco found out about the deal being agreed to, though:

That has to be the opposite feeling of getting off of a vacation and just finding out that you've been cut, eh?

Earlier in the month, I was adamant about the fact that Cleveland should not go "all-in" for Flacco, especially for a ridiculous amount like $30 million per year like Peter King suggested. The Ravens must have feared that another team might swoop in and sign Flacco, because making him the highest-paid player in NFL history is absurd. Flacco certainly picked the right time to be instrumental in his team's Super Bowl winning season. Flacco will surpass Drew Brees as the league's highest-paid player, although it is unclear at this point how Flacco's contract is structured.

Here is how our very own Matt Wood reacted to the news on Twitter:

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