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2013 DBN Mock Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Select DE/OLB Dion Jordan at No. 2

Joe Robbins

With the second pick in the 2013 Dawgs By Nature NFL Community Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select...

Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

This selection and write-up was made by Adrock2099:

This has to be one of the most difficult drafts I've ever had to randomly pi... thoroughly research and thoughtfully choose for. Every single mock has a different top five, and some have completely different players in them than others. Forget about an obvious first pick, there is barely even a consensus top ten this year.

Now then, onto the Jaguars. This team is bad. Bad teams have lots of positions they need to improve. Usually this makes things easy for a mock drafter: you simply pick the best person available and everyone says "yeah, makes sense dude" or "solid pick brah, let's go lift." The parity among this year's top prospects throws a big old nasty monkey wrench into that system, however.

Since the Jaguars have a new GM and coach this year, it may be tempting to go out and get a flashy new quarterback such as Geno Smith to help people remember that they're actually still a team. Unfortunately, I don't believe there to be anyone at the quarterback position worth taking at two. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon was just drafted last year, so using another first rounder at that position is out. They already have a good left tackle in Eugene Monroe, so I don't think getting someone like Luke Joeckel would improve the team as much as someone else could at a position of need. Which, again, is basically everywhere else.

Enter: Dion Jordan. I haven't followed this draft as closely as others past, but everything that I've seen of this guy makes me think he could be a dominant force on any team's defensive front seven. From what I can gleam Jacksonville's new defensive coordinator ran a 4-3 defense with 3-4 elements in it while in Seattle, which I think Dion could excel in. He has crazy speed and moves very well for his size, as evidenced by his background as wide receiver and tight end. The only knock against him that I've seen so far is his shoulder surgery, but I don't think there will be any long term problems from it.

The Jaguars need someone who can come in and really make an impact and since there aren't any quarterbacks worth taking at two, they already have a fine left tackle, and BuenosAiresDawg already took cornerback Dee Milliner (you bastard), that leaves Dion as about as obvious a pick someone could make in a year like this.

The sadistic side inside of me just feels validated that Blaine Gabbert has been a failure for Jacksonville. I thought he was terrible from the second I saw him, and he hasn't done anything to change my opinion. The Jaguars are now stuck in a situation in which you don't want to invest in another quarterback so high so soon again, but they really need to do something. Geno Smith seems to be climbing up the draft charts again, and I really think that could be the direction Jacksonville ends up going. If they can get a veteran to somewhat stabilize the offense, though,

Dion Jordan is definitely a nice prospect to have. If you missed it, Mike Krupka of DBN profiled him recently in-depth, showing why he would be a nice player for the Cleveland Browns. The difficult thing with Jacksonville, as Adrock2099 mentioned, is that there are so many holes everywhere -- no one player is going to turn this ship around. That contrasts with Kansas City, where I could easily see that team doing a 180 from a year ago, despite them picking first in the draft.

The Oakland Raiders are up next, led by TuckJob.

2013 DBN Community Mock Draft Results (so far)

Pick Team Player Pos School User
1 Kansas City Dee Milliner CB Alabama BuenosAires_Dawg
2 Jacksonville Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon Adrock2099
3 Oakland TuckJob
4 Philadelphia Chalmdeezy
5 Detroit macdowellm03
6 Cleveland Cedarpoint2k3
7 Arizona Mudville
8 Buffalo Brownie's Year
9 New York Jets notthatnoise
10 Tennessee jerseydawg8
11 San Diego JamesPowell
12 Miami Weeden2Gordon
13 Tampa Bay LessThanJake
14 Carolina rossn2007
15 New Orleans Ted Washington's Belly
16 St. Louis nickjs21
17 Pittsburgh HenryDawg
18 Dallas jimkanicki
19 New York Giants Red-Right-88
20 Chicago PaduaDSP
21 Cincinnati troy145
22 St. Louis nickjs21
23 Minnesota Legoman0721
24 Indianapolis Mike Krupka
25 Seattle Brocolis154033
26 Green Bay Jon Stinchcomb
27 Houston The B-Train
28 Denver KillerNut
29 New England roar888
30 Atlanta Matt Wood
31 San Francisco rufio
32 Baltimore Ecwingen