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Rumor: Browns Seeking Offensive Line Help in Louis Vasquez, Geoff Schwartz


The first day of the tamper-free period saw plenty of names on the defensive side of the ball and at the receiver position connected to the Cleveland Browns, but there was not any news about the offensive line. That changed today, as two names surfaced per reports by the Orange and Brown Report. The first involved a player who was atop my personal wishlist, offensive guard Louis Vasquez:

Vasquez has been a starter with the San Diego Chargers, where he flourished under head coach Norv Turner. Now that Turner is the Browns' offensive coordinator, it would be a great opportunity for Cleveland to improve the level of talent at the guard position.

Another player the Browns are interested in is offensive guard Geoff Schwartz, who is the brother of Browns right tackle Mitchell Schwartz:

Schwartz played as a backup last year with the Minnesota Vikings, and was last a starter in 2010 for the Carolina Panthers. If the Browns signed him, he could compete for a starting role, but more likely than not, he would be signed as depth. The pairing of two brothers -- both playing on the right side of the line in the NFL -- would be a pretty unique one, though.